Why Ace hybrid group Battery Production Line ?

  Ace hybrid group  was founded by degreed Electrical Engineers. 99% of the Hybrid Shops out there, can’t say that. We know Hybrid Batteries inside and out. We have over 14 Years experience Remanufacturing Hybrid Batteries! We have over 70 partners who carry our brand of Hybrid Battery!

We stock Hybrid Batteries for Most cars and trucks on the road, so that we can provide Same Day/ 24-hour service!

Installation generally only takes an hour or two, and we have a comfortable waiting room.

When others can’t do the job, or fix your vehicle- We Can! And we will generally save you Thousands of dollars over the Dealer!

At Ace hybrid group , we can service almost Any type of Hybrid or All-Electric Vehicle! (Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Honda, Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Dodge, BMW, Kia, Hyundai– and even the Fisker and Tesla!)

​We do not “Repair” Hybrid Batteries– We “Remanufacture” Hybrid Batteries!

What is the difference? You may ask.

“Repairing” a Hybrid Battery involves replacing Only the expired cells inside. This Solution does Not work well, and is very short-term. Please don’t let the ‘Warranty’ that shops will offer you on a ‘Repaired’ battery, fool you! All that warranty means is that you will be free to return your car to their shop, at your own expense, over and over and over and over, until the warranty ends- or worse, until the company goes out of business, or disconnects their phone- which has happened all too often in this industry.

​”Remanufacturing” a Hybrid Battery involves Removing All of the cells; Grouping them with cells of the exact same capacity; Replacing the cells into the battery; and then conditioning the Battery Pack to work as One Complete Battery Pack. This Solution is the Best, and will keep you on the road longer, and give you better gas mileage! When we sell you a Hybrid Battery with a Two-Year Warranty, you will get a Good, Strong Battery that has been Remanufactured so that all of the cells are Equal, and above 80% Capacity, for example.

​Our Warranties set us apart from most shops in the Industry as well. At Ace hybrid group, we have the Means to Honor our Warranties! Many shops and individual sellers simply don’t, is the sad reality. Please remember that a warranty is only as good as the company issuing it.

We truly have your back! Our Hybrid Battery Warranties mean Zero cost to you for parts and Labor, and we will gladly switch out your battery pack with a fresh one if the battery fails. Furthermore, all of our Warranties are Transferable, if you decide to sell your vehicle. That is a Huge Selling Point, when selling a used Hybrid Vehicle! We will be here for You, and for the Buyer of your vehicle! And No, we Won’t be disconnecting our phone!


Other Hybrid Battery Information that you might want to know

1- New Hybrid Batteries can last 80,000 – 150,000 miles, from New Car status; Or, 6 – 11 years, from New Car status-depending on how you Drive your car, and how you Store it.

​2- Letting an Old Hybrid Battery Car sit for long periods of time (two to four weeks) will eventually erode your Hybrid Battery. If your aging father doesn’t drive his Hybrid car much, you should sell it tomorrow, and get him a Gas Engine car that won’t deteriorate in his garage, when not in use, like a Hybrid Battery car will.

*If you leave our Hybrid Batteries sit for more than 45 days, you will Void Our Warranty with you, Please Understand.

3- Your car needs 60% capacity from the hybrid battery pack. If the hybrid battery goes below this level, your hybrid warning dashboard lights will go on.

4- Your Hybrid Battery Pack is a group of individual cells that work together as One Battery. If just one of those individual cells goes bad, it can cause the Whole Battery Pack to shut down. It is generally Not safe to drive the car long distances after your hybrid battery pack has gone out.

Thank you for your Visit!

At Ace hybrid group, Our Mission is to get your Hybrid/ Electric Vehicle back on the road ASAP, and to keep you running smoothly for many miles of Hybrid Enjoyment!

This is what your battery looks like when your Hybrid Warning lights are all ON.

This is what your battery looks like after taking it to "Homey's 'Repair' Shop."

This is an Ace hybrid group Battery, which has been Remanufactured, Tested and is Ready to Install. Our battery will keep you on the road, and get you better gas mileage! Do you still want to "repair" your Hybrid Battery for cheap?

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