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Ace Hybrid Group Battery Warranty

Ace Hybrid Group Warrants that our products will be free from defect in Material and Workmanship for a period of 90 Days to 5 Years, depending on the product you buy, and unless otherwise noted. Our Warranties set us apart in the industry, because we have the ‘Means’ to Honor our warranties, while many shops and individuals simply do not (Please Beware!). If your hybrid battery fails, while under warranty with us, it will mean Zero cost to you for parts and labor, and we will gladly switch out your battery with a fresh one.

Our Warranties will become null and void if any of the following occurs

1) If your car is in a Fire

2) If your car is in a Flood

3) If your car is in an accident that affects the Hybrid Battery

4) If you remove the cover of the Hybrid Battery, or tamper with the battery in any way

5) If you modify the Hybrid Battery in any way, including hooking up after-market accessories,or using it to power anything but the car that it was intended for

6) If you improperly install the Hybrid Battery yourself

7) If you bring us back only the Hybrid Battery, without the car, so that we cannot see the car and properly diagnose what caused the battery to fail

8) If you let your car sit for more than 45 days without driving it

9) If your car develops problems on the engine side that will negatively affect the Hybrid

Battery, including, but not limited to the following:

A. Water Pump is not working properly

B. Catalytic Converter is not working properly

C. Inverter Pump is not working properly

D. Your Inverter fails

E. Your car runs out of oil or gas

F. Your engine’s cylinders are mis-firing

G. You install an improper 12-Volt battery with too Many Cold Cranking Amps (CCA’s)

**Regarding #9 above: We will still to work with you to repair or replace your Hybrid Battery under warranty, but only After you have repaired the above listed engine problems that will keep killing the Hybrid Battery if left unattended.

Finally, our Liability is limited to the cost of the Hybrid Battery/ Service, and installation you paid for.

We will go over these points with you when you purchase your hybrid battery, and they are written on the warranty receipt you will get.

That being said, if your  Ace Hybrid Group Hybrid Battery fails, simply contact us. We will have your back!!

Mobile Service is Not covered under our Warranties, please know. However, we can advise you on how to get the vehicle safely to our main location in Santa Ana, CA.


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