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Hybrid Battery Replacement FAQ ​

A Hybrid Battery is part of a Hybrid System, on a Hybrid Vehicle, that works in sync with the Gas Engine, to increase Miles per Gallon (MPGs). A Hybrid Battery is High Voltage, Large in Size, and has the ability to Propel the car or truck by itself. A Hybrid Battery is usually hidden under, or behind the back seat. They are recharged by the Inverter of the hybrid vehicle, which runs off of the gas engine, and generates electricity. The Hybrid Battery is also recharged by the car’s regenerative brakes (while braking), and the transmission (while in Coasting mode). When charged, the Hybrid Battery can Substitute for the vehicle’s gas engine, especially at times of bad gas efficiency (idling, starting out, heavy traffic, etc).

A Hybrid Vehicle also utilizes a 12-Volt, or Auxiliary Battery, like all cars and trucks do.

If your Hybrid Battery needs to be replaced, you will first see Warning Lights on your dashboard. A simple OBD (On Board Diagnostic) Scan can be done for you, to read any battery or other Faults from your car’s computer, by any mechanic or auto parts store. We at Ace Hybrid Group are Happy do that for you, for Free! That is a Pass/Fail Test, and will tell you if you need to Replace your Hybrid Battery. When a Hybrid Battery drops to 50 -55% Capacity, from 100% new, the vehicle can no longer Utilize it, for its intended purpose, and it will Simply need to be Replaced.

A full hybrid battery test involves Hybrid Battery Removal; Individual Cell Testing; and Checking Internal Resistance Values and Temperatures. Load Testing is needed afterwards as well. Most people do not need this intense of a Test, and the cost can be prohibitive anyway. However, Every Re-manufactured Hybrid Battery from Ace Hybrid Group, has already passed these tests!

Ace Hybrid Tech Specializes in Hybrid Battery Replacement!

*We have the Best Selection of Hybrid Batteries for Every Car, and Every Budget! Our Re-manufactured Hybrid Batteries can save you Thousands over Dealer Replacement Costs.

*We Service Almost All Hybrid Vehicles! We know Hybrid Vehicles inside and out.

*Our Warranties are the Best in the Business.

If your Hybrid Battery or System fails, just leave it to Us, and breathe a sigh of relief afterwards. Our Professional Team will take care of Everything. Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority.

Hybrid Battery Replacement Costs include the Cost of the Battery itself; as well as Labor Costs, and Sales Tax, when applicable.

The total costs can range from $750.00 to $12,500.00, for most cars, with everything included.

Please see our Drop-Down Menu, “Hybrid Batteries” from the Home page, for a Specific Vehicle Cost.

Hybrid Battery Life Expectancy is generally between 100,000 to 160,000 miles from “New Car” status.

The Life Span of a Re-manufactured Hybrid Battery, on a Used car, will depend on the Strength of the Hybrid Battery you buy, and the Condition of the used car. Other factors include how you drive; how often you drive; how you maintain your vehicle; and how you store the vehicle.

*The Dealer will usually make you leave your Hybrid Vehicle for a Few Days. We have Same Day Service, in most cases.

*The Dealer will Charge you for a Diagnosis. We will Scan your car or truck for Free, and show you what Your Codes (problems) are.

*The Dealer will Only sell you a Brand New Hybrid Battery. We have those, and Re-manufactured Options that are much Cheaper.

*The Dealer will Only give you a 1-Year Warranty. We Offer Higher Warranties on Higher Grade Hybrid Batteries.

*The Dealer will not provide Mobile Service. In Some cases, and for a Reasonable Charge, We can come to you for a Hybrid Battery Replacement.

We take Great Pleasure in getting you Back on the Road the Same Day, or within 24 hours. We Stock the Hybrid Batteries for most cars and trucks on the road, so there is usually no wait to get the part (unlike the Dealer).

Although Walk-ins are Welcome, we do Prefer that you make an Appointment, or at least let us know you are coming over. Simply, call us at  714-728-9393, or fill out the online booking. Then, we will call you to schedule an appointment.

In Most Cases, we are done within 1 to 3 hours. We have a comfortable waiting room, and Restaurants in the area! That eliminates the need for you to get a ride here, and back again. In some cases, and depending on the Diagnosis, you may need to Leave the Vehicle.

We take Credit and Debit Cards, Business Checks, Cash, Zelle, and Venmo.

Credit Card Processing will cost 4% more. There is no charge for Debit Cards or any other form of payment.

I.D. is required for all transactions.

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