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Nissan Leaf Hybrid Battery

Nissan Leaf’s battery, which is the vehicle’s heaviest part, as in most electric vehicles, is situated below the seats and rear foot space. The position helps keep the center of gravity as low as possible and gives the car better structural rigidity than a conventional five-door hatchback.

The Leaf was first equipped with a 24 kWh lithium ion battery, later increased to 30 kWh. In 2011, Nissan estimated that the battery would have a lifetime of at least 10 years, with 80% usable capacity remaining after five years. In 2019, based on data gathered from over 400,000 Leafs sold in Europe, Nissan said that the battery would last 22 years, outlasting the vehicle by 10-12 years.

However, if you have a Nissan Leaf and ever observe signs of deterioration in your battery, count on Ace Hybrid Group battery replacement. 2011-2015 Nissan Leaf Batteries are available. You can rely on our batteries to shell out maximum performance for your car. The batteries at Ace Hybrid Group are sold at attractive prices.

Please check out our website or call us to get more information on the batteries’ prices and replacement costs.

We at Ace Hybrid Group offer second to none services and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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