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Toyota Highlander Hybrid Battery

The Highlander Hybrid features a high voltage Hybrid Vehicle battery pack that contains sealed Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery modules. Three battery packs sit under the rear seat, which is 20 millimeters higher than the regular Highlander’s.

Need hybrid battery replacement? You can buy a Toyota Highlander Hybrid battery from Ace Hybrid Group online store. We produce the best High Voltage Batteries by rebuilding them into a high-performance product. Ace Hybrid Group has also provided you with various hybrid batteries of different vehicles’ makes and models. The cost to replace a Toyota Highlander Hybrid battery varies depending on several factors including the warranty, model and your location.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid Battery Warranty

Purchase Ace Hybrid Group battery today. Each Toyota Highlander battery in Ace Hybrid Group online shop carries up to three years of warranties. Three Ace Hybrid Group battery warranty options are available for Toyota Highlander Hybrid vehicles. The Ace Hybrid Group team of professionals always strive to have great customer satisfaction ratings.

Choose Ace Hybrid Group and you’ll be going with a name you can trust.

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