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Hybrid battery life

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Hybrid battery life

Still hesitated about buying a hybrid car? Have doubts on the reliability of its battery? Be with us to learn more about these kinds of vehicles, their battery life in particular.A hybrid car is powered by an internal combustion engine and at least one electric motor which uses energy stored in the batteries. A hybrid car battery is rechargeable, and powerful enough to move a car. Most hybrid batteries have an 8 year or 100,000 mile warranty, whichever comes first. The good news is that as of 2020, Toyota extended the warranty period for its hybrid batteries of new models to 10 years or 150,000 miles. Also, modern batteries are made more resilient than the older ones.

No one can say for sure at what mileage or age a hybrid battery fails. It could fail just at 5000 miles or above 300,000. Experts say it highly relates to technology. Most hybrid cars are now using nickel-metal hybrid batteries. If your hybrid vehicle enjoys this type of battery and you drive the average miles per year, then you can use the battery for around 10 to 15 years.
However, many factors affect the longevity of batteries. The most important of them are as follows :

Age Issue

Hybrid battery failure occurs due to several reasons. One of them is age. It means that over time the amount of charge it could once hold begins to decrease with use. This phenomenon is called “capacity fade.” Capacity fade is caused by the loss of active electrode material.

Mileage Problem

The second significant factor we refer to is mileage. The amount of miles you put on your battery plays a crucial role in a hybrid battery lifespan. The mileage has a direct effect on the life of the battery, because each time you drive your hybrid vehicle power is consumed. Therefore, to preserve the life of your battery, avoid driving your vehicle too much.

Driving Repetition

What we told you on the high mileage does not mean that you are required not to move your hybrid for long periods of time. Hybrid batteries need to be used frequently to remain at tip-top shape with high level of performance. Both low and high annual mileage can harm the hybrid battery. So do not let your hybrid car sit for a long period of time.

Battery Balance

Hybrid batteries often fail when individual cells are not balanced with other cells. The solution is cell balancing. Cell balancing is needed because the capacity of the battery breaks down over time. It improves battery life by maximizing the capacity of a battery pack with multiple cells in series.

Weather Conditions

Extreme weather conditions have negative impacts on the lifespan of your hybrid battery. Driving in extreme cold or heat for consecutive hours is harmful to the battery.
Meanwhile, Prius and Tesla have come up with air and complex cooling systems respectively to protect the battery. But at temperatures -40 or 120 degrees Fahrenheit, these systems fall short of the mark too.
Just keep in mind that regular maintenance is a must for the smooth performance of your hybrid car. The battery, too, gets tested during the check-ups. All in all, be cautious about your driving habits, your maintenance routine, the way you charge the battery, as well as weather conditions, and everything will be fine.Β 

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