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How Long Can a Hybrid Car Sit Unused?

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You may love driving your hybrid car every day, but time will come where you will have to store your hybrid vehicle for weeks or months due to various reasons. What happens to your hybrid vehicle then? Unfortunately, if you let your hybrid vehicle sit too long, the life and performance of your hybrid battery will be affected. To maintain optimal battery performance, the vehicle must be used.

The duration that you can comfortably leave your hybrid vehicle unused varies between different manufacturers and models.

Your vehicle’s batteries will surely keep their charge for a while, but after long periods of time, problems can emerge. A weak hybrid system can cause the 12-volt battery to drain much quicker. If the hybrid battery is in good health, the 12-volt battery should be able to last several months without depleting too much charge to start the car. As batteries get older, they’ll lose charge quicker, and could leave you stranded.

Vehicle maintenance and storage varies between makes and models. There are some tips that, if followed, can keep your car in good shape. At Ace Hybrid Group– a leading company in the hybrid battery industry – we’ll be glad to make recommendations for you and your vehicle.

First be sure that you keep the hybrid car you are not planning to drive for a while, stored in a garage or somewhere covered.

Here Are the Recommendations:

1- Start your vehicle and put it in “ready” mode for about 60 minutes before turning it off again so that both your 12-volt and hybrid batteries continue to maintain their charge. Repeat this process at least once a week.

2- Don’t turn on the radio or other systems during the time that that car is in “auxiliary” mode, as this will consume power.

3- Keep the gas tank full, so gradual condensation doesn’t damage any parts of your vehicle.

4- Make sure that the battery is disconnected while parked for a long time, as that can cause damage to your battery.

5- Disconnect the 12-volt battery if you know the vehicle will not be used for months.

6- Check tire pressures are fully inflated regularly so that you know the vehicle will be ready to drive when the time comes.

7- Clean the car thoroughly. Make sure the vehicle is completely dry, before you put it away in a garage. Moisture could form rust and mold.

8- Ensure the chosen storage area is well-ventilated.

To keep your hybrid battery “alive and well” during the storage time of your hybrid vehicle, follow the tips mentioned above.Consulting your driver’s manual would also be suggested, as it will contain instructions needed for storing your particular vehicle.

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For more information contact Ace Hybrid Group. We can guide you to better protect your stored hybrid car so that you’ll be able to get back on the road with no trouble.

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