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6 Ways to Maximize Hybrid Battery Lifespan

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6 Ways to Maximize Hybrid Battery Lifespan

6 Ways to Maximize Hybrid Battery Lifespan

Of course one of the most crucial parts of a hybrid vehicle is the battery. Battery plays a much greater role in a hybrid car than in its conventional counterpart. That’s because hybrid car batteries are rechargeable. They also enjoy a longer lifespan compared to conventional vehicle batteries. Hybrid car batteries also help increase the needed power to move the car. But, the fact is that you can not use hybrid batteries forever. Their longevity differs from 5 to over ten years. It depends on some factors such as driving conditions, mileage, and engine temperature.

Decades into hybrid car invention and many people are still hesitant to invest in a hybrid. Concerns over battery lifespan and replacement cost have made them skeptical about the issue. This article reviews some tips to prolong Toyota Hybrids battery life. As you avoid over inflating tires and remove excess weight to protect your hybrid, follow dos and don’ts stated below for battery preservation.

Start and Stop Slowly

 You are required to tap the accelerator lightly when taking off and speed up at a steady pace. Putting the pedal to the metal too many times when driving a hybrid car ruins the battery altogether. Also, instead of coming to a hard stop, you must coast to a stop when braking. Coasting generates kinetic energy needed for the battery to charge. And the result is an extension in the life of the battery.

Do not Skip Routine Maintenance

Regular tune-up is key to the smooth functioning of systems in hybrids. The battery should be tested at regular service intervals. The battery in a hybrid vehicle is a battery pack containing many cells. In case weak battery cells are observed, the battery can be reconditioned.

Keep the Temperature Stable

Temperature fluctuations would take a toll on hybrid batteries. That’s because the batteries function efficiently just within a certain temperature range. So driving in extreme heat or cold for a long time harms the battery. This is while an auxiliary battery system would be helpful in hot temperatures.

Do not Cover HV Battery Fan Vent

What harms the high voltage battery fan vent the most, is somehow related to overheating. The fan is installed in different parts of the car depending on the hybrid model. When the fan is clogged due to a dirty filter or when the vent is covered with stuff, the High voltage battery failure happens . Always keep the filter clean and don’t cover it at all.

Keep 80/20 Battery Charge

The best power level for a hybrid battery is under 80% but no lower than 20%. If you recharge a battery to 100% power, it will drain faster. Being under 20% will ruin the battery too. When the battery is at no less than 20% level and no more than 80% it functions ideally. Battery management computer systems and a computer controlled charge controller keep the battery charge within the suitable 80/20 level.

Do not Leave Hybrids in Neutral for Very Long Time

Don’t ever leave a hybrid vehicle in neutral for a long time. Doing this makes the hybrid lose the ability to charge the high voltage battery. So in stop-start traffic skip putting the car in neutral, because electricity will not be generated and the hybrid battery will discharge.

Ensure that hybrids are regularly serviced. It helps reduce the risks of popping up problems. The battery, meanwhile, should be given priority on the car maintenance checklist of hybrid owners. Sure enough electricity is key to running a hybrid vehicle.




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